Letter from the Editors

by Jason Lo Hog Tian and Mikaeel Valli

Jason Lo Hog Tian

We hope you all had a restful and relaxing winter break and welcome you back to school despite yet another round of lockdowns. Given the difficult situation, we are ever more appreciative of the IMS Magazine team and the work that they put in to make this publication possible. This issue focuses on Men’s Health, an important and often under-researched issue that warrants more attention in the media.

We highlight the work of IMS members Drs. Robert Hamilton, Mary Seeman, and Meng-Chung Lai who investigate prostate and testicular cancer, schizophrenia, and autism respectively, all conditions that are of particular importance to Men’s Health. We also put the spotlight on IMS member Dr. Jesse Pasternak and his work as an endocrine surgeon.  

Mikaeel Valli

There are also Viewpoint articles touching upon key topics in Men’s Health. Read about the paternal brain and father-infant relations, the impact of testosterone on illness, and how stoicism in males may impact their health. We also include articles on what we need to do to further promote diversity in science and the challenges with the equitable distribution of PrEP and other treatments for people living with HIV. Lastly, we are excited to present a new type of article – a collaboration with our friends at Raw Talk Podcast based on the content of their recent episode on Science in Social Media.

It has been a pleasure working on our second issue as Editors-in-Chief and we are excited to continue to learn and improve the magazine. Please enjoy reading the issue and we hope you all stay safe and healthy during these difficult times.  


Jason Lo Hog Tian and Mikaeel Valli

Jason is a 4th year PhD student examining the mechanisms linking HIV stigma and health under the supervision of Dr. Sean Rourke

Twitter: @JasonLoTweets

Mikaeel is a 5th year PhD student. He works with Dr. Antonio Strafella’s lab that uses neuroimaging techniques to understand the underlying mechanisms in Parkinson’s disease with non-motor complications.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mikaeel-valli/