Letter from the Editors

Jason Lo Hog Tian

by Jason Lo Hog Tian and Stacey Butler

We hope you all had a restful winter break as we ring in what will hopefully be a fantastic new year. We reflect on a successful 2022 year at IMS Magazine, continuing to release quarterly issues and ramping up the production of our beautiful hard copies now that COVID-19 restrictions have lifted. This is also the first issue produced with our new 2022/2023 team. We are grateful to all our returning journalists, editors, and designers for their commitment to the magazine and we are excited to showcase the some of the work of our new members.

Stacey Butler

In this issue, we focus on Diseases of the Central Nervous System, a critical research area for human health. We highlight the work of Drs. Arlene Astell, Corrine Fischer, James Kennedy, Charles Tator, and Cecil Hahn, all of whom are doing innovative research examining CNS-related conditions such as dementia, epilepsy, concussions, and neuropsychiatric disorders. We also spotlight the lives of interesting members of the IMS community including Dr. Gabriella Chan who advocates for better education around intellectual property and Donna Yang, a researcher with the Reach Alliance who is aiming to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We have some insightful Viewpoint articles covering topics such as the impact of a traumatic brain injury on a person’s personality, understanding consciousness through psychoanalysis and neuroscience, improving the affordability of dementia care, and finding your sense of community as a graduate student. We also have a Diversity in Science article examining the state of rural healthcare in Canada, an interesting Travel Bite comparing one students’ experience attending conferences in different countries, and a Commentary on the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade. Lastly, we are pleased to continue our ongoing collaboration with Raw Talk Podcast with an article on their recent episode on Neonatology.        

We hope you enjoy reading this issue and learning about the incredible work going on at IMS. We wish you all an excellent 2023 and stay tuned for exciting new initiatives from IMS Magazine this year!

Jason Lo Hog Tian

Jason is a fifth year PhD student examining the mechanisms linking HIV stigma and health under the supervision of Dr. Sean Rourke

Twitter: @JasonLoHogTian

Stacey Butler

Stacey is a fourth year PhD student. Under the supervision of Dr. Andrea Gershon, she is evaluating the quality of care for patients with respiratory disease using a population-based approach. 

Twitter: @StaceyJButler